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Jute Bags

Fancy Jute BagsNatural look and shiny texture make jute bags a desirable object for all age groups. Today, jute fiber is used to manufacture a vast variety of products, among which jute bags(or earth bags) are one of the most common and highly demanded product. Fashionable and trendy bags made from jute available in the market are loved by one and all. These jute bags are biodegradable and organic in nature and can be obtained in varied shapes, sizes, and designs. These eco friendly bags are multipurpose in nature and thus find extensive application in market and some of them are as follows:

  • Eco friendly jute bags are also being used as an effective marketing strategy employed by the various business institutions in which such bags have imprint of their logo, name, picture or any text phrases to attract the people, as a brand promotional activities.
  • Jute Hand Bags
  • Jute bags are also fit for carrying grocery as these are srong enough to carry weight of grocery that serves as a good replacement of plastic bags. In fact such bags can carry more grocery goods and items unlike in the case of plastic bags, because they are much stronger than poly ethylene and plastic bags.
  • There are different types of jute made bags which can also be used as excellent gift items, while large wooden handled bags are ideal for carrying light-weight goods, books, sharp objects and clothes thus suits for shopping purpose.
  • Large jute made bags also called as sacks are used for carrying goods such as vegetables, grains, fertilizers, etc. from one place to another because of its strength and long lasting durability.

We manufacture, supply and export different types of jute bags, eco friendly bags, eco friendly jute bags in beatiful colors, lovely designs and fancy patterns in all shapes & sizes as per the latest fashion trends. Contact us to
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