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Jute Carpets

soft touch jute carpet Jute fiber is the cheapest fiber available today. It is Eco-friendly and biodegradable in nature. Jute Fiber is soft, shiny, and long vegetable fiber that is spun into coarse and strong threads. It is strong and lustrous and thus is used to manufacture a wide range of handcraft items. Among those handicrafts, jute carpets are one of them that is widely demanded to decorate houses, hotels, restaurants, offices, and more. Jute Carpets are also known as Hessian Carpets that are beautiful floor coverings. These are aesthetic in nature as these are neatly carved to get an earthy look. Herein, jute fibers are mixed with a comprehensive array of organic fiber such as wool, cotton, and more to fashion a striking color combination. Jute Carpets are available in its natural color and also in a vast assortment colors as the fiber can be dyed in almost any color.

fancy jute carpet Fiber extracted from the Jute Plant is of two varieties i.e. Tossa Jute and White Jute. Tossa Jute Fiber is stronger, softer, and silkier than white jute that is commonly used to design and develop a vast range of handicraft items. Bengal region is the largest producer of Tossa Jute and thus an attractive range of home decor items made from jute is brought from Bengal. When it comes to Jute Carpets, these are the very part of living rooms and bedrooms. It is durable and becomes more durable when used in low traffic area. Jute Carpets are also reckoned for its elasticity, texture, and variation in weaving style. These are easy to clean, although it requires immediate vacuuming in case of accidental spill. Jute Carpets can be cleaned with common soap water and blotted and blow dried to remove the moisture. These are just perfect example of biodegradable and renewable natural floor covering that can add luster and luxury to the household while being naturally tactile.

jute carpets designer jute carpet jute carpet with embroidery eco friendly jute carpet jute carpet

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