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Jute Trunks

In the independence days, jute was an industry which was completely going under loss due to lack of raw jute production and insufficient modernization of plants & machines. After independence, government tried to made expansion of jute producing areas, availability of cheap labors & transportation facilities and started supplying hydro-electricity from damodar valley corporation to change the conditions. Today, jute is a leading export industry of India in the world. The recyclable nature of these jute products has increased their demands throughout the world. Among variegated jute products available in the market, the jute trunks are widely demanded for storage and packaging purposes by individuals and several industries. Jute Trunk


Designing and developing jute products is a tough task it requires lots of stamina, concentration and hard efforts. Experienced artisans undertake work of crafting jute made trunks, they make use of latest tools and elements to bring forth a remarkable range. To develop a beautiful looking and durable trunks, jute sticks are tightly knitted with one another with the use of attractive threads. These jute trunks are designed by the creative experts giving a touch of tradition and contemporary designs.


Once can see use of these jute made trunks in various residential and commercial places for packaging as well as storing purpose. The attractive looks and elegant designs of jute made trunks make them suitable to be used for decorating purpose. These jute trunks are widely used at various gift shops for enhancing the overall appearance of varied delicate and gifting items. Due to lightweight and capable of bearing loads, jute trunks are considered perfect to be used for packaging and storing goods in cosmetics, textile, perfumes and many other products.

Availability In A Wide Variety

Today, various jute trunks manufacturers strive hard to meet the preferences & demands of clients and become he leading firm of the market. They offer trunks in different sizes, shapes, designs, patterns and specifications so as to suit the requirements of clients. Further, one can also have custom-built version of jute trunks from these manufacturers.


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