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Jute Apparels

jute shirt for men Beautiful and stylish Jute Apparels can never go out of style. These are available for all occasions in a variety of designs such as hand printed, hand blocked, quilted, tied & dyed, embroidered, and more. The very fashionable Jute Apparels are blended with cotton as well to develop a unique and attractive look. Trendy designs, attractive color combinations, longevity, and colorfastness make jute apparels appealing in the national and international markets. Here are some facets of apparels made from jute that will help you to know more about it:

Why Jute Apparels?
jute men wears Jute is the vital most vegetable fiber after cotton that is mostly used to manufacture cloth for wrapping bales of cotton, sacks, coarse cloths, curtains, area rugs, chair coverings, hessian cloth, jute jackets, and more. There are basically two types of Jute i.e. Tossa Jute and White Jute. Tossa Jute is softer, silkier, and smoother than White Jute. Today, white jute is being replaced by synthetic material. Jute is completely biodegradable in nature whereas synthetic is unsuitable. Jute cloth also prevents erosion while establishing natural vegetation.

Designs Available for Jute Apparels:
jute kurti for ladies These are available in a wide range of patterns, prints, and designs. Fashionable jute apparels are appreciated by one and all for having aesthetic appeal and modern touch. These apparels also help users to connect with nature and environment and remain eco-friendly all the time. Apparels made from jute come under the ambit of 100% natural and organic product.

Availability of Different Types of Jute Clothing:
Such apparels are in great demand by topmost designers for designing and developing formal and casual wear. Fine threads of jute are used to make false silk and related outfits. Jute apparels are soft, durable, and stylish which are available in comprehensive assortment of colors. Moreover, there is a cultural touch in the apparels that make it a treasured possession.

We manufacture, supply and export different types of jute apparels & clothing for men, women, and kids in casual and formal types. Contact us to buy or for more information on jute apparels, jute clothing and jute wears. G+.

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Types of jute apparels