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Jute Shirts

Highly durable, soft to tough and comfortable to wear, Jute shirt have become the trend of now a day. Perfect for casual as well as formal needs, they are sure to bring an appealing change to the persona of the wearer. The latest trends in jute shirts include short shirts, over sized shirts, medium sized shirts. From full sleeves, half sleeves and short sleeves, there are myriad of options in the market to cater to the needs of the modern man and woman. Whether they are brightly printed shirts or plain shirts, there is everything in the market to choose from. The exquisite collection of jute shirts is available in plain as well as embellished styles. They are designed in simple patterns in basic colors and also adorned with a variety of attractive beads, laces, gems, embroidery, crochet work, patch work, and so on. Jute Shirts

As per the requirements, a user can avail jute shirts in natural tone as well as varied vibrant colors that can be achieved from dying, treating and bleaching the fabric. These elegant jute shirts are just right for everyone due to their natural qualities. They are 100% eco friendly in nature that does not provide any harm to the environment. Moreover, with their bio degradable nature, they can be easily decayed through natural process without any pollution. They help in keeping the environment clean and safe with their environment friendly characteristics.

These jute shirts are in huge demand among youth due to their good ventilation and perspiration property. They absorb the sweat coming from the body even after wearing all day long. They do not allow odor to come from the body that make the user feel fresh and rejuvenate all the time. Not only this, with attribute of non-irritation to skin, jute shirts keep the skin soft and supple without any kind of rashes, redness and other skin problems.


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