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Jute Wall Decor

Wall decor can be designed from a wide assortment that nay includes paper, mud, wood, cloth, cane, metal and so on. Jute is one of the most popular raw materials for designing wall decor. Having jute wall decor has become a fashion statement for everyone. The rich artistic heritage and tradition of India can be easily seen in the form of resplendent jute wall décor. Authenticity is the synonym of wall decor items made from Jute. In addition to this, a tinge of genuineness with elegance is certain to every jute handicraft. Jute Wall Decor

Decorating wall from different attractive items is an indispensable part of Indian culture. Today, decor items made from jute includes wall hangings, paintings, accessories, etc. With the combination of right skill and expertise, this art of creating jute wall decor products is taken to a higher level. Every item be it hanging, painting, sculptures, embroidered material, carved, embroidered item, or anything else has its matchless style and expression to manifest. All the materials are embellished with varied kinds of adornments like beads, mirrors, stones, gems, and other kind of attractive pieces to add beauty to them. In addition to this, they are also available in the painted, embroidered or embellished form with path works, appliques, etc. High quality thread work, engraving, embossing, beveling, enameling, and weaving techniques have been used to adorn the decor these jute wall decor items.

Along with adornments, jute wall decor articles are available in various designs and patterns such as architectural, geometric, floral, animal, birds, mountains, rivers, natural scenes from everyday life, mythological figures, gods and goddesses, and abstract designs. Jute wall decor products can be easily available in various coarse textures and earth tones of add amazing look to the interiors of establishments. Besides highly attractive designs, they are also reckoned for high strength and durability. Their sturdiness ensures long lasting life with no wear and tear.


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