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Jute Textile

Jute Industry is itself facing challenges considering lack of demand, irregular supplies of raw material, jute textile and less earing of foreign exchange. Although, government is trying to curb these challenges and set up a strong and prolific jute textile industry India yet, as for now, it seems that challenges are far bigger and require lot of attention from both government as well as users. Here are some factors that state some reasons why jute textile is less considerable that other raw materials: Jute Textile

  • Jute is a natural raw material and second most important agro-industry after cotton. However, jute is little coarser than cotton and synthetic material that hampers its demand in the market.
  • Although, jute has it beautiful and lustrous golden color, it is often diminished in front of man-made synthetic materials.
  • Jute requires humid climate for spinning and thus it is not grown and woven in all the regions of India.
  • Machinery used to manufacture jute textile is outdated that increases the cost of production
  • There is an inferiority complex among the buyers for jute that increase their bargaining tendency. Consequently, sellers hardly get any profit from it.
  • Textile made from synthetic material is cheaper than jute fiber
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Types of Jute Textile