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Jute Geo Textile

Jute geo textile abbreviated as JGT has come out as the best as well as strong alternative to synthetic geo textiles. Jute geotextile fabric is widely used for varied civil engineering applications like separation, drainage and filtration over synthetic one. Jute geo textile is available with inherent advantage of being designed from natural fiber that is completely biodegradable. Jute is an organic fiber that brings eco friendly nature to the textile. A user can easily discard them by decomposing them without any pollution. Jute Geo Textile

Today, jute geo textile fabric is available in two different varieties, one is woven and other is non-woven fabric. Both the varieties are reckoned for high moisture absorption capacity. Their flexibility and excellent drainage properties are the reason behind their usage in agricultural sector to conserve soil erosion. Their long life span makes them perfect to be used in those sectors that required long-term applications. Due to their high durability and long life performance, they are in huge demand to be used as separator, vegetation growing mesh, vertical drains, etc. Development of this completely natural and strong Jute geo textile is likely to enable it to be widely accepted in the varied soil reinforcement applications that may include the construction of rural roads, access roads, road and flood embankments.

With their superior drape ability, jute geo textile have come up as the ideal solution for accomplishing varied tasks. Widely accepted for greater moisture retention capacity, they have given a competitive edge to the geo textiles of other fabric. Easy to install and remove, they are on the top whenever it comes to quality, durability, sturdiness and strong nature. They can be availed in various sizes and dimensions to match the requirement of every task. Jute geotextile is available in the market at very lowest prices than the synthetic geo textiles.


Jute Textiles