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Jute Sofa

Jute, also known as burlap is a natural plant fiber, which is used after spinning into the thread. The jute fiber is widely utilized for making variegated items including curtains, carpets, twine & rope, wall coverings and canvas. Today, these is also used in the upholstery of home furnishing goods including chairs, tables and sofa sets. Sofa sets are one of the most vital element of interior decoration and make the living space look perfect. Choosing sofa sets is not a very easy task, selection is made as per the budget, individual taste and decor of a place. Jute Sofa

Sofas made up of Jute themselves express the sense of royalty along with comfort and luxury. Once can see use of these jute sofas in various homes, restaurants and hotels for getting relax in leisurely hours and while watching TV or sharing joyful movements with with friends and relatives. Jute sofa also find their extensive use in reception areas of various offices for providing comfortable sit to the guests.

Confused While Choosing Sofas?

Before buying jute sofa sets, one should keep various things in mind that it must match up with wall paints, color patterns and furniture of the decor. Today in the era of challenging competition, there are various jute sofas manufacturers, who are designing and offering their range in a plethora of designs, patterns, color shades, shapes and sizes. For being leading firm of the market, various organizations also undertake projects for providing custom-built sofa sets.


Jute made products comes with numerous benefits, due to which they are widely demanded in the market. Sofas made up of jute generally do not get tear easily and get stretch and due to their excellent tensile strength. The natural fire-resistant properties, lightweight and inexpensiveness made jute sofas widely appreciated among the clients. Along with these, some highlighting features of Jute Sofa sets are mentioned below:

  • Attractive looks
  • Biodegradable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Have blend of traditional and contemporary designs
  • Renewable


Jute Furniture