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Jute Table

Moon's place in the sky does not need any other reference. In the past few years, Indian jute industry has acquired the same reputation across the globe. The industry has boomed exponentially due to the range of Eco-friendly and utility products. One product that has become the favorite of all is “Jute Table”. Jute Table

About Jute and Its Industry

Jute is a natural fiber, which is primarily composed of the plant material cellulose. Products made up of jute has found lots of patronage, throughout the domestic as well as international markets. One can see a variety of jute made products available in the market from bags, hessian, ropes, carpets, rugs, chairs to tables. Jute tables are made by tightly binding the sticks with one another with the use of threads. Since 1982, jute industry has seen rapid growth and wide demand of its products in various parts of the world due to having eco-friendly nature.

Design of Jute Tables

Today in the era of cutthroat competition, everyone want perfection in terms of quality, designs, patterns and style. Various jute table manufacturers are engaged in bringing forth an exclusive and attractive looking range of table for their esteemed patrons. The tables made up of jute reflects the skill and perfection of craftsmen, who change the natural jute into allied products from their hard efforts. Due to the alluring designs and imparting modern as well as ethnic touch, the jute tables are suitable to be used for interior decoration purpose.

Beautifying Various Decors

Jute Tables made up of jute are completely eco-friendly and biodegradable in nature, due to which these has always been the prime preference of environment conscious clients. The jute made tables find their extensive use in various handicrafts fairs, homes, offices, hotels or resorts for adding charm to the overall looks of a place. These tables are also considered suitable to be used for gifting purpose to dear ones on marriages, festivals and special celebrations.


Jute Furniture