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Jute known as the 'Golden Fiber' has always been the best material to manufacture sacks since hundreds of years, all
over the world. Blessed by the nature with such a useful fiber, jute is used for making various beautiful handicrafts and
quality multi purposes Jute Products. This crop of eastern India is being cultivated in the country for over ten decades now. It is one of the
most affordable materials and the best of all textile fibers. At present, the demand for Indian Jute Products provide livelihood to millions of
industrial workers, landless laborers, farmers etc. in both direct & indirect way.

In our country, Orissa, Assam, Tripura, West Bengal, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are the leading jute cultivating states. With more than 70 jute mills
currently operate in India, our country produces around 100 lakh bales of fiber. Considering the decentralized sectors, there are various small
scale Jute manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and exporters who come up with attractive handicrafts, creative decorative items, particle board,
jute paper & pulp, twines and many more quality Jute Products.

Our country possesses some of the most skilled and experienced craftsmen who are capable of catering the varied customer requirements for jute goods. Today, India holds the tag of being the largest producer of raw jute and products made of jute. Seeing the growth in this sector, several financially sound organizations have set foot into the industry to boost the production of our traditional fiber and spread Indian Jute Products all over the world. There have been various ultramodern researches & development centers set up to support this purpose and discover improved machines & techniques which help in manufacturing foreign standard products.

Backed by all the world class facilities for booming jute agriculture across the country, we have become capable of meeting the international bulk needs for jute in a qualitative manner. Moreover, we presently export and carter the international needs for food grade Jute cloth and bags. Food grade jute bags offered by India provide an advantage of naturally protecting different kinds of food items. This initiative of Indian manufacturers to serve clients with quality jute products all over the world has highly benefited in the context of world ecological & environmental concern. Feel free to send your query regarding any types of jute goods requirements and information. G+.

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